Postponement of the IFSDAA CONFERENCE IN GOETTINGEN to the end of September

Message from Professor Rishi
Dear colleagues,
I wish to inform you that 14th IFSDAA International Conferences on Sustainable Agriculture for Food Security under Climate Change to be held at Mahatma Gandhi House, Goettingen, Germany from July 11 to 13, 2023 has been postponed to last week of September to beginning of October, 2023 due to unavoidable reasons of Visa availability. The new dates and revised brochure and revised invitation/acceptance letters will be communicated shortly. Kindly participate in 14th IFSDAA Int. Conf. on new dates.
We shall appreciate and welcome your participation.
Thanks and regards
Rishi Behl

PS : New brochure soon available Do notice that half a day will be dedicated to cropping of trees and other plants under  saline conditions and to Desalinisation of water

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